Jr Line Tokyo Map Pdf

Jr Line Tokyo Map Pdf

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A4 NR路線図1611 Metro Layer 112416 Ol_英語 - Tokyo Metro

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Download our Tokyo Area PDF maps, which include a Tokyo Metro Map and a Tokyo Metropolitan Map, and navigate around the Japanese capital like a local. Tokyo subway has 13 metro lines (Tokyo Metro 9 and Toei 4) as well as numerous overground options. Tokyo area map (JR lines) PDF. Tokyo city map (railway & subway) PDF. Kansai maps: Kyoto and Osaka.

JR Line Route Map - JR西日本 West Japan Railway Company

Use our easy-to-use maps of the. Title: JR East Railway Major Route:Metropolitan Area Author: East Japan Railway Company Created Date: 2/21/ PM. TOKYO JR ROUTE MAP akrp.skechersconnect.com Tabata Sugamo Komagome Ikebukuro Otsuka Itabashi Akabane Jujo Ukimafunado Toda-Koen Kita-Akabane Toda Kita-Toda Naka-Urawa Minami-Yono Yono-Hommachi Musashi-Urawa Minami-Urawa Kita-Yono Omiya Oji Higashi-jujo Kami-nakazato Kawaguchi Nishi-Kawaguchi Warabi Kita-Urawa Yono Saitama-Shintoshin Urawa Mejiro Takadanobaba Shin.

JR Yamanote Line JR Chuou Line JR Keihin-tohoku Line Oedo Line Asakusa Line Yurikamome Rinkai Line JR keiyo Line/ Musashino Line JR Sobu Line Keisei Line JR Joban Line/Narita Line Tokyo Monorail Yurakucho Line Ginza Line Toyosu Ariake Narita Chiba Nippori TOKYO BIG SIGHT Line Map. Title: linemap Created Date: 4/20/ PM.

Title: JR Line Route Map Author: West Japan Railway Company Created Date: 1/7/ AM. Title: N JR Rote Map as of July Created Date: 9/25/ PM. Click the [See on Map] to view the Tokyo JR Railway map, you also download a copy as PDF. Additionally, we provide a map of the Tokyo Metro map that includes all Tokyo Metro train lines.

See on map Download Tokyo Metro Map PDF. Kyoto Railway Map. Click the [See on Map] to view the Kyoto JR Railway map, you also download a copy as PDF.

Additionally, we provide a map of the Kyoto Subway map. Cartes interactives et PDF téléchargeables pour vous aider à planifier votre voyage au Japon. Trouvez des ressources touristiques faciles à lire sur les réseaux de train et de métro de Tokyo, Osaka et Kyoto, ainsi que des détails sur les lignes JR (Ferroviaires Japonais) que. Major railway and Subway Route Map: Metropolitan Area(Quick Reference) [PDF/MB] JR-EAST GUIDE [PDF/MB] Welcome Suica Overview [PDF/MB] JR-EAST FREE Wi-Fi [PDF/MB] When you need help using JR-EAST!

[PDF/KB] Special Ticket Information for Riding JR East. JR EAST PASS [PDF/MB] [PDF/MB] JR TOKYO Wide Pass [PDF/MB] [PDF/MB] N'EX TOKYO Round Trip Ticket [PDF/KB] [PDF. JR EAST Railway Lines Network 路線ネットワーク 新小平 新秋津 東所沢 新座 北朝霞 西浦和 新三郷 三郷 南越谷 吉川 東浦和 東川口 川崎 Kawasaki 御殿場線 身延線 Odawara Atami Chigasaki 小田原 Ofuna-Ueno 上野 Shin-Yokohama 新横浜 Shibukawa Honjowaseda-橋本 Hachioji-八王子 錦糸町 Tachikawa立川 向河原 平間 鹿島田 矢向 菊名 File Size: 2MB.

Welcome to the interactive JR Map, the map covers the entire JR railway network of Japan, from the high-speed Shinkansen to local lines. The map has been carefully designed to work with the Japan Rail Pass and is a powerful tool to build itineraries, explore and plan travel in Japan. Tokyo Metro subway map in Russian(русский) (PDF: MB) About Station Numbers Station numbers consist of a letter representing the subway line and a number for the station.

TOKYO TOURIST and SUBWAY MAP TOKYO POCKET GUIDE 1 2 5 4 Akasaka C-3 Akasaka-Mitsuke C-3 Akebonobashi B-2 Akihabara E-2 Aoyama B-4 Aoyama Itchome B-3 Ariake F-5 Asakusa F-1 Awajicho E-3 Azabu-Juban C-4 Daiba E-5 Daikanyama A-4 Daimon D-4 Ebisu A-4 Edogawa-bashi C-2 Gaienmae B-3 Ginza E-4 Ginza I-chome E-4 Gokokuji B-1 Gotanda B-5 Gyoen-Mae B-2 Hachibori F File Size: KB.

Yurakucho Line(Tokyo Metro) Fukutoshin Line(Tokyo Metro) Hanzomon Line(Tokyo Metro) Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line Tokyu Toyoko Line Minatomirai Line JR Line Route Map Legend. Title: route map_English Created Date: 2/1/ PM. JR-EAST Train Info is an application that provides useful information to people who use JR EAST trains. VIEW. JR-EAST Train Reservation (Opens in a new window.) Purchase an Exchange Order (e-ticket) (Opens in a new window.) Timetables (Opens in a new window.) This is a request from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) Narita International Airport Sendai Airport NRT Shibukawa Shim-Maebashi i uragano ami Isesaki a Kiryū Sano Akagi Aioi Ota Higashi-oizumi Nishi-oizumi Tatebayashi Kuzu Tochigi Oyama Kuki Kurihashi Shin-tochigi Shimodate Utsunomiya Hōshakuji Tobu-utsunomiya Nasushiobara Kuroiso Nikkō onsen Tobu-nikko a Shimo-imaichi amachi Ogose File Size: 2MB.

Title: Full Kansai Route Map Author: WEST JAPAN RAILWAY COMPANY Created Date: 3/9/ PM. Tokyo Metro subway map in English(PDF: MB) Tokyo Metro subway map in Korean (한국어)(PDF: MB) Tokyo Metro subway map in Chinese (Traditional) (中文(繁体字))(PDF.

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JR Yamanote Line JR Line Private Railways @ Tokyo Sakura Tram Nippori-toneri Liner Hatanodai 01 01 Meguro Togoshi-ginza Akabanebashi Mita Shirokanedai Hamamatsucho 05 Shibakoen SILVER SKY GREEN GOLO PURPLE H T c z Hibiya Line Tozai Line Chiyoda Line Yurakucho Line Hanzomon Line Namboku Line Gotanda Osaki Oimachi Takanawadai Shinagawa Togoshi Nakanob Keikyu Line Asakusa Line.

The Ueno–Tokyo Line (上野東京ライン, Ueno–Tōkyō Rain), formerly known as the Tōhoku Through Line (東北縦貫線, Tōhoku-Jūkan-sen), is a railway line in Tokyo, Japan, operated by the railway operator East Japan Railway Company (JR East), linking Ueno Station and Tokyo Station, extending the services of the Utsunomiya Line, the Takasaki Line, and the Joban Line southward and Missing: pdf.

JR Line Private Railways Toei Streetcar Arakawa Line Nippori-toneri Liner G GinzaLine ORANGE Marunouchi Line H Hibiya Line SILVER T Tozai Line SKY Chiyoda Line Y Yurakucho Line GOLD Z Hanzomon Line PURPLE N Namboku Line EMERALD BROWN Hatanodai Nakanobu 01 01 Meguro 04 Togoshi Mita Mjta Line 08 Tamachi Haneda Airport Shibakoen 1 05 Asakusa Line Tennozu Isle File Size: KB.

The Tōkaidō Main Line (東海道本線, Tōkaidō-honsen) is a major Japanese railway line of the Japan Railways Group (JR Group) network, connecting Tokyo and Kōbe stations.

It is km ( mi) long, not counting its many freight feeder lines around the major cities. The high-speed Tōkaidō Shinkansen largely parallels the line. The term "Tōkaidō Main Line" is largely a holdover Missing: pdf. Title: Major railway and Subway Route Map: Metropolitan Area Author: East Japan Railway Company Created Date: 3/17/ AMFile Size: KB.

When traveling in Tokyo, common train lines include the 60 kilometers that make up the Chuo-Sobu Line. This line runs east and west across Tokyo, between Chiba Station and Mitaka Station. It is the single JR line that crosses the circle of the Yamanote Line, and it serves as a major artery for local commuters as well as other akrp.skechersconnect.comg: pdf.

Looking at a Tokyo railway map and the city's train and subway system can seem like looking at a messy ball of yarn! It's a complicated web of JR East and other private railway companies, plus subways, that intertwines seemingly endlessly, making it hard to understand for anyone who's not a local. In this guide, we'll help you understand and confidently navigate Tokyo's complex train system.

Tokyo Subway and Train Map for Tourists in English • TOKYO POCKET GUIDE. Akasaka C-3 Akasaka-Mitsuke C-3 Akebonobashi B-2 Akihabara E-3 Aoyama Stn B-4 Aoyama Ichome B-3 Ariake Station F-5 Asakusa F-1 Awajicho Stn E-3 Azabu-Juban C-4 Daiba E-5 Daikanyama A-4 Daimon Station D-4 Ebisu Station A-4 Edogawa-bashi C-2 Gaienmae Stn B-3 Ginza Station E-4 Ginza I-chome E-4 Gokokuji B.

Like the Odakyu Line, the Keio Line is separate from JR East and requires separate tickets (but stored-value cards work on both). It’s located under the Keio Department Store on the west side of Shinjuku Station. The Keio Line connects Shinjuku with Meidaimae, Chofu and Keio-Hachioji in western Tokyo and is a convenient way to get to the Mt.

Takao area, which is popular with hikers, via the Missing: pdf. Tokyo Station and its beautiful, nostalgic red brick building is on the must-see list of every tourist to Japan.

路線ネットワーク - JR東日本:東日本旅客

Besides its impressive value as a sightseeing spot, Tokyo Station is also an important hub that isn’t only served by major JR Lines such as Yamanote and Chuo but also is a major station for several shinkansen bullet trains.

About 3, trains arrive and depart at Tokyo Station on Missing: pdf. Metro Line Map. Tokyo Metro Map. Tokyo Metro. The Tokyo Metro is a rapid transit system in Tokyo, Japan. Other rapid transit operator in Tokyo is the Toei Subway. Network consists of 16 lines and stations when both operators, Tokyo Monorail and Rinkai Line are combined. Tokyo Metro began operation in and Toei Subway did the same in Transfers between two operators are not Missing: pdf. Shinkansen Route Map Guide to Japan Travel Society Oct 1, Exactly 50 years have passed since the Tōkaidō Shinkansen began running between Tokyo and Osaka.

Japan’s high-speed train Missing: pdf. See a map of Tokyo, Japan and its major stations and tourist attractions including Tokyo parks and gardens, hotels, embassies, shrines, temples and akrp.skechersconnect.comg: pdf. JR Map Legend Staircase to 1F Staircase to 3F Escalator Elevator 1 e v JR LINES PLATFORMS 1 - b Keihin-Tohoku Line for Tabata, Akabane & Ōmiya 2 - b Yamanote Line for Tabata, Ikebukuro & Shinjuku 3 - b Yamanote Line for Tokyo, Shinagawa & Shibuya 4 - b Keihin-Tohoku Line for Tokyo, Shinagawa & Yokohama 5 - b Tohoku Line (Utsunomiya Line), Takasaki Line 6 - b Joban Line, Tohoku Line.

(PDF, 1,kb) * When searching for times, select the station name on the route map, copy it, and then paste it in the search window to avoid having to check the station name spelling. * For areas other than the JR-WEST Area (areas with yellow background), only the major stations are listed. 7 Lines You Can Take from JR Shinjuku Station. You can skip to the information about each line by clicking on its name.

We highly recommend travelers use the JR Pass and the Tokyo Subway Ticket to save money on traveling on JR trains, the Tokyo Metro, and Toei Subway. These discount passes not only help with navigating to and around Shinjuku. JR Pass Map & Popular Routes. Download Now Download the official nationwide JR route map Download Now. Popular Routes using the Japan Rail Pass.

Popular Routes: Detailed Transport Itinerary Including Time/Single Price: Narita Airport to Tokyo: Narita Express: 63 minutes: 3, yen: Tokyo to Shin-Osaka: Shinkansen Hikari: minutes: 14, yen: Tokyo to Kyoto: Shinkansen Hikari:. The JR Chuo-Sobu Line is formed of two railways that extend from Tokyo to regions lying west and east of the capital.

JR Chuo-Sobu Line For Takao, Mitaka, Nakano, Akihabara

It can be confusing but a good way to tell them apart is by remembering that the yellow-coded Sobu Line trains stop at every station, while the red-coded ones are on the Chuo Line Rapid Service do not. The Chuo-Sobu Line forms an important east-west transport corridor extending.

La ligne principale Chūō (中央本線, Chūō-honsen?) est une ligne ferroviaire des compagnies JR East et JR Central au akrp.skechersconnect.com ligne relie Tokyo et Nagoya, mais c'est la plus lente connexion par rail entre ces deux villes: la ligne principale Tōkaidō est un peu plus rapide et la ligne Shinkansen Tōkaidō permet la liaison la plus rapide.

Le pass journalier Tokyo Free Kippu ( yens) permet d'emprunter le métro et les lignes JR. Le Toei and Tokyo Metro One-Day Economy Pass ( yens) est valide sur les trajets de métro uniquement (il peut être utile en complément du JR Pass), et le Tokyo Metro Open Ticket ( yens pour un jour; yens pour deux jours) uniquement pour les lignes Tokyo Metro.

LES EXPÉRIENCES. Quelques Missing: pdf. JR Nara Line JR Sagano Line JR Tokaido Shinkansen JR Tokaido Shinkansen JR Kyoto Line Thru to Maibara Thru to Hirakata City Thru to Nara Thru to Shin-Osaka Thru to Umeda Thru to Osaka Thru to Hamaotsu Thru to Otsu Thru to Sonobe o e e-i n a e i i o i i Ryanji n Kurama Kibune-guchi Ninose Ichihara Nikenchaya e Kino Iwakura a a a a a o a n-a a i o i i Narutaki Umahori Kameoka Hozukyo.

Answer 1 of Hi, I have read some reviews that we do not need to purchase JR Pass if we are traveling within Tokyo itself which I'll be doing.

However, I would like to know how do I get to Yoyogi Park from Ikebukuro if I only have Tokyo Metro Missing: pdf. Tokyo Subway Navigation for Tourists is a free application officially provided by Tokyo Metro to enable users to search transfer information for the Tokyo Subway network (Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway). This application is available in English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Thai and Japanese.

Major Railway And Subway Route Map: Metropolitan Area

It is highly recommended for visitors Missing: pdf. Title: Full Kansai Route Map Author: West Japan Railway Company Created Date: 3/3/ AM. Trains run seamlessly, and both JR train and Tokyo Metro train sets are used on the line. How far apart are Tokyo Metro / Toei Subway lines are from JR platform depends on stations, and the exits you use (stations don't have a single exit, they have dozens).

You won't be walking kilometers for sure, but normally between m (rough guess). Histoire. Le projet a été lancé en par le premier ministre Tanaka Kakuei originaire de Niigata.

En raison de son tracé à travers une région très montagneuse, la ligne a coûté 6,3 milliards de USD [1].Bien que traversant des régions relativement peu peuplées, elle a été construite pour "établir des liens plus forts avec Tokyo et favoriser le développement régional" [2].

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